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Equal Pay Day - Ontario - April 11, 2017

Women STILL need to work well into the second quarter of the year to make the same income as men in the previous year. 

Despite progressive legislation to overcome the undervaluing of traditionally female occupations, the gap in income persists. 

                  Pay Day 2015- downtown Toronto 20 AprilEqual Pay Day, 20
                  April 2015- downtown Toronto

Some recent reports on the wage gap, which may even be larger for women in professions than in service work, are highlighted in the link below:

You can read the blog at:

The Equal Pay Coalition (Ontario) has extensive documentation of the wage gap and ways to reduce it.  Check this site: to see reports and some creative videos illustrating the problem- and some of the solutions.

We have the reports- but we are still are waiting for the Ontario government's promised Gender Gap Reduction Strategy.

Report on discrimination against trans people
A US report released in February 2015 documents the discrimination and barriers faced by transgender people. I am glad to see it includes an interesting intersectional analysis.  The report's overall focus is the financial penalty transgender and other gender-nonconforming people pay in employment and housing. It specifically identifies levels of employment discrimination and income inequality by race (see Figure 3).  Not surprisingly, the greatest compound effect is on black people.

Here is the summary:

The entire report can be downloaded from that site.

It has a very accessible layout and although it is US-based, many of the findings are relevant to the Canadian context.

Spring 2015

Daina Green is now recognized as a Gender Specialist and listed on the Roster of Experts in Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Public Administration  by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Fall  2014

Ontario to tackle gender wage gap
Kathleen Wynne orders Ontario’s labour minister to draft a plan to close the wage gap between men and women.

By: Laurie Monsebraaten Social justice reporter,
Published on Wed Oct 01 2014

The Ontario government is finally responding to the Equal Pay Coalition's pressure to address the gender wage gap in this province.  The recent Toronto Star article and editorial talk about the need for all government ministries to develop a strategy to end gender discrimination, in particular to close this outrageous gap.

Read the Toronto Star's op-ed here: