Selected Publications

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Published Translations

  • Global Diffusion of the World Social Forum: the politics of place and scale, a vision from Canada, by Janet Conway. [Spanish title: Difusión global del Foro Social Mundial: la política de lugar y escala vista desde Canadá]. In Camino a un mundo nuevo: El Foro Social Mundial, Fondo Editorial Question, Caracas Venezuela, 2006.
  • Sacred Earth, Sacred Community: Jubilee, Econolgy and Aboriginal Peoples. Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative, Toronto, 2000. [Chapters: The Earth and Labour in the Service of Life, by Normand Breault (from French); Ecofeminism: An Ethics of Life, by Yvone Gebara (from French); Calling in Multiple Ecological Debts, by Leonardo Boff (from Portuguese); Eco-Human Rights, by Diego Irrarázaval (from Spanish)]
  • Alternatives for the Americas: Building a People’s Hemispheric Agreement. Common Frontiers and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ottawa, 1999. [Spanish title: Alternativas para las Américas: Hacia la Construcción de un Acuerdo Hemisférico de los Pueblos.]
  • “Social Charters: Perspectives From the Americas,” Common Frontiers. Latin American Working Group Letter No. 48, Toronto, 1997. [Spanish title: Cartas Sociales: Perspectivas desde las Américas.]
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